“Sometimes, the greatest safety can be found in taking the right risk. Whether it be an individual, a community or a country, when faced with tragedy or fearful uncertainty, we either become bigger and enter life more fully, or else we accept a diminished life and resign ourselves to a smaller way of being.”
– Michael Meade –


Last week I was traveling in northern California, to Mount Shasta. The group I travel with is very active, and we took several hikes up the mountain to the snow level, luxuriating in the fresh air and the knowledge that on our return to our cabin there would be fresh water to shower with, warmer air, and no snow. It was really a blessing to be able to be active, to move without restriction, and to feel healthy and full of energy.

One of our hikes took us past three separate waterfalls of fresh mountain water gushing down the side of the hill, tumbling over rocks and wearing it’s own path. How lucky we are to be able to design our own lives and how fortunate we are in this era to have the knowledge to take care of ourselves, the ability to purchase organic, healthy foods, and the science to develop an activity plan that really works for each of us individually.

Summer ideas: make sure you stay hydrated with plenty of water and liquids, especially if you are traveling in the heat. Take advantage of the local markets to stock up on fresh produce, eggs and veggies. Enjoy the variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables as they ripen on the vine. Lovely to think about fresh grilled fish with easy salads and lightening up on the carbohydrates. Love this time of year!

I was honored to be selected as one of the top 12 on the Spirited WomanSummer Solstice List. For more information about theorganization click on the link: http://www.thespiritedwoman.com


Sitali Breath

In Sanskrit, the word sitali means, “cooling,” and this breath has an immediate cooling effect. Inhaling into the moisture of your tongue makes your mouth – and whole body- feel a nice inner breeze. Sit in a comfortable position with a tall spine. Breath in and out, and pay attention to the flow of your breath at the tip of your nose. Stick you tongue out and roll the outer edges together so it looks like a hot dog bun. Take a long inhalation – to a count of three – in through the tube in your tongue. Retain the breath for a beat. After inhaling, draw your tongue back in to your mouth, close your lips and exhale through your nose, long and smooth, for a count of three. Try it for or at least 10 rounds working up to 50 breaths for more complete cooling.

Recipe of the Month: Shredded Grilled Tilapia Tacos


1 Tb ground chipotle seasoning

Vegetable cooking spray

11/2 tsp ground cumin

12 corn tortillas 1/2 tsp salt

Can add a sweet-and-spicy slaw 6 (6oz.) tilapia fillets

Can add a fruity black bean salsa

2 Tb olive oil

Fresh lime wedges

1 tsp grated lime rind

2 Tb fresh lime juice


1, Combine the first three ingredients. Rub seasoning mixture evenly over fillets

2. Stir together oil, grated rind, and juice; rub over fillets.

3. Arrange fillets in a grill basket coated with cooking spray.

4. Grill over medium-high heat three minutes on each side or just until fish begins to flake with a fork.

Cool slightly. Shred fish.

Spoon 2 to 3 tablespoons fish into tortillas, and top with a sweet and spicy slaw and fruity black bean salsa. Serve with a squeeze of fresh lime juice.

Recipe from Southern Living.