How to Spring Clean your lifestyle in 30 minutes a Day

May. Spring cleaning time, right? But, who has time? And, if you do have any extra time, where do you begin? The answers are actually pretty simple and straight forward.
What are YOUR priorities? Health? Time with Family? Time with yourself? Exercise? Grocery shopping and/or cooking in a new healthy way?
Here’s what you do: turn off your phone and all electronics. Look at the time and give yourself 30 simple minutes. Figure out your own priorities first. Write them down in order. Pledge that tomorrow you will honor the #1 thing on your list. Devote next week to #2. For those things at the bottom of the list, find a friend or hire a consultant to help you/do it for you (such as teach you about healthy shortcuts in cooking and shopping, cleaning your closet out, downsizing your home since college kids left).Don’t have the budget for this? Go to and surf the site for books on the subject. Try Kon Marie’s cleaning method: it’s simple and the book is inexpensive. There are so many ways to cut back, declutter, and there are so many tools to help you accomplish this. Honor the fact that you need to take care of yourself first. Eliminate stress.

Be still in the springtime of this year, this life.