…a guide for the journey that reveals to you your true deep nature and purpose – an authentic journey to what you are here for

To assist you to fully step into what you are here for and what you are supposed to do.

I’m Lynette Fioroni

I grew up in a small rural town in Michigan, one of six kids separated each by about eighteen months. My mother had the six of us within ten years!! And boy oh boy was she overwhelmed, especially as my dad was rarely ever home, because as a corporate pilot in the 1950s he spent days on end travelling away from home.

As a child I was happy, bubbly and full of life and in fact my nickname was “Sunshine”. I was always laughing and chattering and bubbling on. Unfortunately, as I grew up my mother became more and more incapacitated and she ended up taking to her bed most of the days with one illness after another, and it was left to us kids to fend for ourselves. We lived in fear of waking our Mom and were kept outside most of the time. I was constantly told to be quiet, to behave and to be a “nice girl”. Women’s rights in the 1960s were centered around the fact that we could “have” and “do” it all, and I bought into this in order to escape my repressive fundamentalist home environment.

I quickly learned to “squash” my happy bubbly personality, to overachieve for other people’s approval, and to ignore any signs of pain or discomfort.

Fast forward to March 3 2003: now happily married with three awesome children of my own (ages 15, 11 and 7), I was working as a successful Financial Advisor (to prove myself in a male dominated field, right?!), driving like crazy on the expressway to get all my kids to their activities, when I collapsed one Sunday night with excruciating pain in my head. In fact, I was having a stroke. And, in fact, I was rushed to the nearest Emergency room and immediately put on a morphine drip for the pain. Doctors tried to pinpoint the bleeding in my head but frankly all I knew was that I couldn’t see and my head hurt so much I couldn’t even think. I was having a cerebral hemorrhage, probably brought on by stress, and not going away any time soon.

I still remember the hospital ophthalmologist standing at my bedside and calmly telling me I would never see again – in fact, never be able to balance or walk normally. What??? My whole life consisted of being able to drive and manage my family and professional responsibilities! I was so mad that this medical doctor was presuming to tell me what I could or couldn’t do! I persuaded my husband to help me get discharged (no easy feat, being discharged from ICU!), I went home still with massive headaches and unable to see, and I began to learn to heal myself.

Over the months I was able to retrain myself for vision and balance, and except for 25% vision loss, I have had a full recovery including driving, sports and especially yoga. I went on to certify as a holistic Health Coach, a yoga instructor and am medically trained as a yoga therapist with clinical experience. I have travelled extensively sharing my story. Lately I’ve felt the pull to work individually with brilliant women just like you who are searching for more- – maybe it’s your physical health, maybe it’s emotional, or maybe it’s just that desperate feeling and search for more fulfillment in your life. I lost my balance and vision and regained them – now I teach others to do the same without the actual physical loss.

My workshops are called EDGES (because we are all often on the edge.) EDGES is an acronym for:

Esteem, De-stress, Gratitude, Embodiment, Selfcare

And the workshops are based on the healing techniques I learned and taught myself, and the work that I have done since then to heal and become aware of living in grace and life-out-loud. Do you relate to this and does this resonate with you?

If you are interested in learning more or if you feel a need or lack in your own life, I truly would love to chat with you to see if we are a good fit. I want to be there for you, to serve you. I only work with ten or twelve women at a time, and the work is very personal and individualized. <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Please, contact me and let’s have a complimentary consultation call to see if this might be a fit for you.</a>

To all that’s possible!!

In deepest gratitude,


Did you know that what you think affects your health?

I didn’t, not until I began the long hard climb out of the “victimhood” that my stroke seemed to have inflicted upon me.

Although I had heard that yoga could help me, it was hard for me to find the right place to pursue it, and I started and quit more times than I could count. Eventually, I found my way to a great studio and then to yoga therapy. As I returned to full physical strength I realized how powerful this gentle form of therapy is, I decided to become an instructor. I understood thousands of hours of clinically supervised training with medical doctors in a hospital, and I became certified to work with patients with a wide range of diseases and conditions as well as those in palliative care.

Today I support my clients in achieving the best physical and emotional state possible for them. Along the way, I teach them how to access a state of inner peace that helps mitigate the damaging impact of stress, anxiety, and overwhelm.

Does that resonate with you?

If you are sick of being sick, and you would like to find out how yoga therapy sessions with me can help you look and feel your best, I invite you to email me to schedule a free 30-minute consultation about your specific health-related challenges.

Together we can make a difference.

Hi! I’m Lynette Fioroni. I’m a certified yoga therapist and a certified holistic health coach. I’d like to help you find the inner peace, devotion to stillness and awareness of the present that will enable you to relax and enjoy life.

It’s simple: I’ve changed my own life dramatically through the principles I’ll share with you on this site.

Let me help you discover and live the very best life you were destined to have!